As I ate my sandwich at the outdoor cafe,
I saw a cockroach headed my way.
He looked up at me and nodded his head,
Saying; "If I were you, I'd eat elsewhere instead."

Startled, I said; "What do you mean by that?"
He glanced around and adjusted his hat.
"If you look around you'll see none of my kind."
"And we're known to eat anything that we can find."

"In this joint they come around twice a day,"
"And load everything with a nasty bug spray."
"I know it kills everything from a roach to a tick,"
"But it also is shown to make people quite sick."

I put down my sandwich and scurried away!
I'd just go ahead and skip lunch today.
Tomorrow I think I'll go to that nasty Taco Bell.
'Cause the rats and the roaches there were healthy as hell!

By Swampetta (





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