She says I hear what I want to hear,
And that is not entirely true,
For all my wife says enters my ear,
But, to not all, is an answer due.

If what I hear will benefit me,
Improving my life in any way,
Itís likely Iíll respond instantly,
Delighted with what she has to say.

If itís not to my advantage, though,
To acknowledge the sound of her voice,
I pretend Iím hard of hearing; so
I listen closely and take my choice.

Yet, some things I hear prompt argument,
And I must admit to hearing her,
Before itís too late and moneyís spent
On jewelry or a lavish fur.

In that case, pretending to be deaf,
Even though she might whisper such news,
Could leave our bank account bereft;
So I must heed and express my views.

Spousal communication, you see,
Is a diligently refined art,
Developed through five decades by me.
Iím no longer easy to outsmart.


© By RickMack (





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