Per conversation between me and a friend
There's so much to begin and only one thing to end
I would love to go here, and then go there
But my time is limited so do I dare?

She told me "Don't wait!" "Go ahead , make a plan"
"Wherever you wish, Texas, or Japan
There's nothing to hold you" ah, but there she is wrong
My ties to my family are simply too strong

I have a grandson becoming a teen
From whom I've never too far away been
How could I stand to be gone far away
And not see him as often as every day?

And then there's my daughter who is the best
Who turned into a wonderful girl from a pest
We have such rapport, such sameness, such love
We're so attuned to each other like a hand in a glove

"Don't wait!" I hear these words in my mind
But I know I can't leave my loved ones behind
At least not at this point, he is so young
Maybe after his school bells have rung

There's always a maybe, a someday, sometime
And maybe someday before my final rhyme
I'll pick up and move on, but, probably not
What were we talking about? Oh, I guess I forgot.

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