We came together yesterday
To pay our homage to
A dear, dear friend who passed away...
It's the least that we could do

The church was filled with people
Who'd known him many years
There were friends a lots of relatives
Who shed so many tears

The Elks gave him a tribute
A member all his adult life
Friends spoke of his giving spirit
And how his spirit conquered life

The liturgy was comforting
As familiar prayers were said
But the touching part of the service
Was when his children said...

Their father was a man who gave
Much time to volunteer
He helped on nearly every cause
That came up year by year

But while he spent a lot of time
On many a social cause
The time he spent with his children
Would give all of us a pause...

To wonder what our legacy
Will be when we depart
The only thing that will matter
Is what we leave in our family's heart

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