One day you all will open up the metal trunk that was my mother's.
You will find report cards from your days in school,
And pictures that you drew, cards you sent when you were away.
I keep a sample of you all. You will find notes from pops to me, and you.
I saved them too. A letter from my mother and one from daddy.
You will find a lot of love and a few tears in my trunk but smiles I packed there too.

Letters from a daughter in the army, who wondered why she went so far.

Pictures that are fading, lots of memories all.
In the bottom of the trunk are magazines and news paper clippings,
Ones of history, like Sept 11 and John Kennedy's death.
A couple of historical pieces for the generations to come, I said as I put them there.
The old albums and a few obituaries of loved ones.
Cards you sent me and post cards, too.
Don't think anything if some of you have more or less in my trunk,
it is by accident, I assure you.

Remember me kindly as you look through the trunk and see the things I saved.
I saved them not for worldly reasons but from a mother's heart.
I love you all, and my grand children too.
I hope you find all you need as you look in the trunk,
And I pray you find the love I stashed there for each of you.
I placed hope and love and tenderness there for all of you,
Hoping you will fill a trunk with memories for your family,
and that one day they will see you in your memories.

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