I can't imagine a summer's day without the scent of roses
And the gentle rustling of leaves on the crepe myrtle trees
I can't imagine a day without the cheerful chirping of birds
As they nibble sunflower seeds and then splash in the water.

I can't imagine a day without the sound of music
Whether it be classical tones or country twanging
The sounds of violins, horns, or cymbals and drums
Music keeps life moving joyfully forward.

I can't imagine a world without books to read
Books to transport me to far-off places
Reading for pleasure, amusement or knowledge
The written word surpasses the newest technology.

I can't imagine life without your love
The touch of your strong hand holding mine
Your pensive moments and the sound of your laughter
All that you say and do that pleases me so much.

I can't imagine what I did with my life before you
How did I smile and sigh without your touch?
Every day is perfect thanks to your presence
Every moment precious with you at my side.





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