Crash, bang, boom. The car slid on down the street on a flat tire. Once it got half way through the intersection it crashed full blown into another oncoming car. The car stopped dead. From the back seat of the car jumped a beautiful Golden Retriever. He was a fine looking dog, with shiny, long reddish hair that flowed behind him as he jumped from the car.

The dog looked around a little stunned. “What happened”, he thought to himself. “Where is Jack?” He ran around to the driver’s side of the car. Jack was very still behind the wheel and he slumped over the wheel. Why didn’t Jack move? Eddie didn’t understand. He had never seen Jack act like this before. He ran over to lick his owner's face. He tried to reach him but couldn’t. The car door was too high. “Why doesn’t he move?” Eddie wondered. Again he tried to reach Jack. He just wanted to kiss Jack to wake up.

Pretty soon the ambulance came and scared Eddie so badly that he ran into the bushes. He watched from afar as they put Jack on this weird looking bed and put him in a truck with flashing lights. They closed the door and drove off with a loud noise coming from that truck.

Jack was gone. What was Eddie to do? He had known no one else since he was a tiny puppy. He felt an emptiness he had never felt before. Jack had gotten him from a shelter in town. Jack had always wanted a Golden Retriever and when he saw Eddie he knew that was the one. Eddie came from a fine line of purebred dogs. The shelter had papers on his bloodline, but unluckily for Eddie, he also had a very bad limp. So the shelter offered Eddie to Jack at half the price if he did not take the papers. Jack didn’t care anything about showing the dog. He just wanted a pet. So he put Eddie into the car and off they went to Jack's home in the country where Eddie would have more room to run than he had ever imagined. Eddie had a ball playing with all the squirrels, rabbits, butterflies and yes, even grasshoppers. Eddie was a very energetic puppy. He had such fun chasing the bugs and the birds. He loved to be in the fresh air. As Eddie grew his limp went away and at a year old he had grown into a fine, beautiful dog. A dog any owner would be proud of.

Eddie slowly walked down the street, trying to stay back from any strangers. He walked up one side of the street and then down the other. He was so sad and so worried. He decided he would try to make his way to his home in the country. He thought he knew the way. He would try. He made it to the end of town with nothing happening. But then, “Roof, Roof, Roof”. That was a German shepherd and he was trying to ask Eddie where he was going.

Eddie said, “I’m trying to find my home. They took my owner away in a truck with a loud noise and lights flashing.” The shepherd knew what that meant because he was a lot older than Eddie was and he had seen people taken away in those before. He said to Eddie, “Be careful. There are dangers out there. Be careful and if you need my help remember where I am”.

Eddie thanked him and moved on down the road. Pretty soon he came to a grove of trees and decided to take a rest. He layed down under a pine tree. All of a sudden he heard, “whooooo, whooooo.” Eddie had no idea what was making that noise. He looked up and down the grove of trees and there was nothing to be seen.

“Up here, I’m up here”. Eddie looked up and saw an owl. Now Eddie had never seen such a strange sight as this. The owl asked him what was the matter. He said, “My master wouldn’t wake up after the car crashed and they took him away in a truck with flashing lights and a loud noise. I’m on my way to find my home.” The owl told Eddie to rest awhile before he started. So Eddie closed his eyes and fell asleep. The owl flew away and returned before Eddie woke up. He sat down next to Eddie and dropped something from his mouth. It was a sandwich that someone had thrown in the garbage. He thought Eddie would be hungry when he woke up.

Eddie woke with a start after sleeping a few hours. He was a little confused at first and had to think of where he was. “Oh yes, I remember now”. The sadness came over him again as he remembered. He thanked the owl for the sandwich and ran down the road.

As he followed the road to where he thought home was he saw something. A turtle. Of course he had no idea what a turtle was or even more what a snapping turtle was. He sniffed around it and all of a sudden, SNAP! The turtle bit him right on the nose. Eddie howled and ran away. He didn’t know what that thing was called but he sure would remember it the next time he saw one. As he went further down the road he heard the laughter of little children. Maybe they knew where Jack was. He ran over to the children wagging his tail.

“Do you know where Jack is?” he tried to ask. But they didn’t understand dog language. “Woof, woof”, he tried again. But they thought he was trying to be mean so they started throwing rocks at him. He was so sad and puzzled. “Why were those kids mean? Why don’t they like me?” On down the street he ran.

It seemed like he had walked for miles. Jack where was Jack? He really missed his owner. He could see his Jack's face in front of him with every step he took. Jack had to be ok. What would he do without his friend?

As he rounded the corner he came to a little cottage house. It was white with red shutters. There were flowers all around and the smells that came out of the window made Eddie very hungry. He had not eaten since the owl gave him the sandwich. He had not really thought about food since he had eaten the sandwich.

He walked very slowly up to the little old lady and little old man that were sitting in the chairs on the porch. The old man reached out a wrinkling, shaking old hand and patted Eddie on the head. The old man had owned several dogs in his long life and he knew how to treat them.

Eddie all of a sudden felt safe. Eddie went closer to the old man. The old man was stoking Eddie’s head when the old lady, dressed in a shabby housedress, got up and went into the house. She came back out with a big bowl that was hot and steaming, and filled with roast beef, potatoes and bread. “Here you go, Doggie. This is what is left over from our dinner but you are welcome.” The lady said in her old shaky voice.

Eddie took one sniff and did not argue. He ate and ate. After he licked the last bit of gravy from his mouth he walked over to the old lady, licked her leather worn hand as if to say thanks. He put his head in her lap and she petted him for a very long time. He had gotten so sleepy that he layed down on the porch. “Just for a minute.” He said, “Just for a minute”, and fell sound asleep. He heard the squeak of the old mans chair and he woke up.

The first thing he thought of was Jack. He had to get home. That was most important now. He turned to the old lady and old man as if to say thank you. They seemed to understand and bid him fond farewell. “Be safe and God go with you.” They said. So off he ran down the road, filled with new energy.

As he rounded the corner that he thought was near his home, he saw something very familiar. There was the green house with the rose bushes outside, there was the birdhouse that Jack had made last year, there was the cobblestone driveway where Jacks car used to sit. And there in the drive way of his home was the noisy truck. But it wasn’t noisy. It was just sitting there and the men that put Jack on that funny bed were there too. And do you know what? They were laughing.

Eddie walked suspiciously over to the truck with a sad feeling in his tummy. He missed his Jack and this truck just reminded him more of how much he missed him. But wait! Who was that laughing? It sounded like, it sounded like, it was!!!!!! It was Eddies Jack. Jack was ok. He was home and he was ok.

Eddie got so excited that he started wagging his tail and yipping and jumping and barking and jumping some more. Jack was alive and well. He wiggled so much he almost turned himself inside out. He jumped up into the truck and found his master. He lapped at Jacks face with his tongue and scratched Jacks chest with his paws. He wanted Jack out of the noisy truck and back into his big easy chair, in the living room where he belonged.

“OK, OK Eddie. I’m coming.” Jack said with a laugh. Moving very slowly, he walked to the door of the house with Eddie at his heels. Eddie was home. Jack was home. They were family again and Eddie had his Jack back. Jack was in his big chair and Eddie was where he belonged; at Jacks feet. All was well now. Both Jack and Eddie fell sound asleep, together.

Marie Paulson (





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