He was raised as one of an even dozen
The second youngest of the clan
His mother died when he was three
That's where it all began

He was sent to live in an orphanage
With brothers one and three
And the rest of the older children
For years he did not see

Raised by nuns of the strictest order
He was just living day by day
When the boys were eleven, twelve and thirteen
They decided to run away

They all found jobs here and there
Just existed, though it was rough
Living years from hand to hand
They all had to be too tough

When father was a young man
In a small town in Ontario
He apprenticed with a kindly man
Who taught him to upholster and sew

The kindness of this unknown man
Helped him to gain his self respect
He searched for years for his siblings
And found a wife he could protect

She joined with him on his family quest
And when I was seventeen
They gathered brothers and sisters
The biggest party I'd ever seen

Father's Day makes me remember
The jolly, happy crew
That gathered "better late than never"
And the family that suddenly grew


By Joy (JOY3032@aol.com)






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