So transparent, it was amusing,
As she tried to be clever and coy.
Among those she thought she was using,
All her silly games did was annoy.

One couldn’t believe a word she said,
And everyone could see through her lies.
Oh, what outrageous rumors she’d spread,
Sure she’d go unnoticed otherwise.

Always seeking attention, it seemed,
Unaware she fooled no one at all,
When, with latest gossip, her eyes gleamed,
Folks remembered an important call.

An amazing source of trivia,
Most of which could be proven wrong.
Yes, folks all saw through Olivia,
And tried to hide when she came along.

At last, she was without any friends,
All appalled by her transparency;
But it was too late to make amends,
For she couldn’t be trusted, you see.

© By RickMack (





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