Sammy was a cocker spaniel puppy. Every day he would sit in the window of the pet shop just waiting for someone to love him. He had been there for what seemed to him, a very, very long time. He had watched the door and every time someone came in to look around he would put on his cutest smile and wag his tail as if to say, “Here I am. Take me. I’m cute and I need a home.” But alas, every time someone would come in they would either choose a much smaller. cuter puppy or they would choose none. You see Sammy was a bit different. He had a very long body for a spaniel and a very small head. Sammy had no idea he was different. He just knew that it didn’t seem like people liked him like they liked the other animals in the pet shop.

Today was no different. Several people came in, walked past his cage as he smiled and wagged his tail, and exit out the door or buy another pet. “What is the matter with me?” asked Sammy, “why don’t people like me?” He got tired and went to the corner of the cage. A tear slid down his cheek. Sammy was so sad. He fell into a deep sleep. Pretty soon he heard the door of the pet store chime. “Oh well,” Sammy said, “It doesn’t mean anything. It won’t be for me.” But all of a sudden he heard a voice. The voice seemed to be talking to him. Could it be? He opened one eye. “Huh? Was she talking to him? Could it be?” It was a little girl about 10 years old. She had on a pretty dress and she had reddish hair, the same color as Sammy’s. She had freckles and she was a bit chubby. The little girl, who was named Susie, came closer to his cage. “Oh Daddy, Daddy, can we get this doggie. I like this doggie. Oh please Daddy.” The dad took one look at Sammy and said, “Susie, lets choose another. This one is not so cute. See how his head is so small and his body is so long.” “Daddy, Daddy, oh I don’t care what he looks like. He would be there for me to love. Oh Daddy, I really want him”. Her dad said, “OK Susie, lets just look around a little first.” He was hoping that she would see one she liked better. They looked at black ones, white ones, big ones, short ones, tall ones and skinny ones. But she only wanted Sammy.

“Lets go home and talk it over Susie.” Said Dad. Susie was so sad. She wanted Sammy so badly and Sammy was so sad because Susie was going home without him. He thought surely that he would have been able to go with her. She seemed to care so much. All the way home Susie begged her dad. They got home and they talked to her mom about it. Mom said, “Susie, you go to bed now honey. Let me talk to Daddy for a minute.” And she winked at Susie. Susie knew what that wink meant. It meant that Mommy was going to try everything in her power to get Sammy for her. So off she went to get ready for bed. “Oh Mommy had to talk Daddy into it. She had to.” Thought Susie. She undressed and got ready for bed. She was very tired and had had a big day. Her mommy came and tucked her into bed and said, “Susie, don’t worry honey. I will try to help.” And Susie knew her mommy would try everything. She fell fast asleep. She dreamed that it was the next day and Sammy was hers. She slept very restlessly that night. She was full of wishful thinking and for a little girl that can make for a bad night sleep.

The next day she arose with a start. The sun was shining in the window. She remembered it was Saturday and it was the first day of summer vacation. No school, no school. That made her happy. The she remembered Sammy. She wondered if her mommy had talked her daddy into getting the puppy.

She went downstairs and her mommy and daddy were busy fixing breakfast. She sat down in her chair and did not say a word. She waited for her mom to turn towards her. She held her breath. Her mommy turned toward her and said, “Good morning Susie,” and winked a great big wink and smiled a great big smile.

Susie could not sit still. She did not want to let her daddy know that she knew. It would be his job to tell her the news. So she waited. She had to wait until breakfast was over. Then her daddy turned to her and said, “Susie, I have some news for you. We are going to get that dog that you want. Mommy talked me into it. But you have to remember Susie, the dog is a bit weird looking. And people may laugh at her. I don’t want your feelings to be hurt if that happens.” Susie said, “Daddy, I have heard people say I’m weird looking too but you seem to still love me.” “Honey, you are not weird looking.” He said with horror. She said, “Daddy maybe you don’t think so but I am chubby, and I have red hair and freckles. Some people say that’s weird. And you still love me don’t you?” Daddy had no argument. He had been defeated. He said, “OK, lets go.”

So off they went to the pet store. Sammy was sleeping in the far corner of his cage when Susie and her Mommy and Daddy came in. He heard her voice. He knew it could not be true and he was not going to get his hopes up. He stayed in his corner but he did keep one eye open just in case. All of a sudden over the top of his cage he saw the top of a head that had the same color hair as he had. “She came back, she came back.” Sammy was so excited. The owner of the shop came with the key to open the cage door. “Well, Sammy, it looks like you have a home.” Said the owner,

“You have been with me a long time and I am going to miss you.” Sammy was wagging his tail so hard by this time it looked like it was going to fly right off his body. The pet shop owner picked up Sammy and handed him to Susie. Sammy started licking Susie's face and hands and arms and barking and yapping. He was so excited. Susie said, “ Sammy you are my dog now. No one is going to make fun of you anymore. And if they do, you and I will have each other.” Together they got into the car and rode home in each other’s arms. They played together all day long and soon it was time for bed. Daddy had gotten a doghouse to put in the yard for Sammy to spend the nights in. Susie was horrified. “What if he needs me?” She said, “What if he gets lonesome?” Daddy reassured her that it would be ok. She went to bed and she was so worried about Sammy. She could see his house from her bedroom window. She was so worried and was about to start crying when she decided what she was going to do. She waited until her mommy and daddy went to sleep. Then slowly, she gathered up her blanket and her pillow and her slippers and went to the top of the stairs. She had to be very quiet. Daddy would get so mad at her. She got downstairs and put on her slippers. Then she quietly as she could opened the kitchen door that led to the backyard. She told Sammy, “Shhhhhhhh”. He seemed to understand. He just wagged his tail and whimpered quietly. She, with her blanket and pillow and her slippers on her feet crawled into the doghouse. Curled up with Sammy under the blanket the two of them went to sleep. Inseparable.

The next morning Mommy went to Susie's room to wake her for breakfast. No Susie. “Where could she be?” She went out into the back yard and there, curled up in the blanket and the pillow was Susie and Sammy. Sammy wagging his tail and Susie stretching awake. That night Sammy spent in the house with Susie. Daddy sold the doghouse to the neighbor who had an outside dog. Sammy was not one. Sammy belonged to Susie.

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