I came home early that day,
because of trouble with a toothache
I had a dental appointment
that I wanted not to miss.

Standing at the front door, with the key-ring
in my hand, I was having difficulty to getting in.
It was silly of me,
I was trying to open the door with the wrong key.

Finally with the right key I managed to enter the house
I was by myself, the rooms were quiet,
the absence of my wife still at work was felt
and the kids… oh well, who knows?
but the cat had to be somewhere,
she never misses a thing.

An unconscious impulse made me rush into the kitchen
where I started to prepare a hot cup of coffee.
Instant coffee would be fine. I am used to it.
Placing the pot on the stove,
I waited for the water to be ready,
meanwhile I sat on the sofa to read the newspaper.

Looking for my glasses I ran around in circles,
I know that I had them, but I could not find them,
I was ready to give up when I suddenly realized
that I had forgotten something in the back seat of my car.

As I rushed outside,
I noticed the mail man had stopped by
therefore I went to see the mail box
to pick up the mail and bring it inside.
I surely did so. Oh lord…
I just forgot about the package inside of the car.
Well, for now that was not important,
but the mail was intriguing.

With a degree of curiosity I did sort it out,
besides my insurance policy and the weekly magazine
there were a couple of overdue bills.

I could not understand that,
my credit is excellent and I always pay on time,
but the late bills were here, and in my own hands.

Meanwhile in the kitchen,
right on the stove, the coffee pot was screaming,
vapor from the boiling water escaped out to the ceiling.
I poured a cup, but it was too hot. My choice was to wait,
I certainly did not want to burn my lips.

Once I went through the mail
I decided to make payments and write a new check.
My parents have always told me: " Never fail
when paying back the money we owe.

Oh no, please Lord… I remember…my wife had the checks.
I could take a ride to the bank and prepare a money order.
I thought there was still time
and to me it made sense to try.

Well, I picked up the keys and left in a hurry,
the bank was not far,
If I could get there on time and get this over with.

I knew I would feel much better, but when I arrived
the bank just had closed five minutes ago
and there I was disappointed; stone cold.

I returned home and back to the kitchen,
as if I were in autopilot, I started to prepare a cup
of coffee,
the first one was there in the same spot
I left it, as cold as an iceberg, I could not drink that.

This time the phone rang,
but I did not care to go and pick it up,
well, only sort of ‘cause I took a chance.
It was the wrong number. How did I know that?

At this very moment
I wanted to cancel my dental appointment,
Even better: watch a movie on my DVD.
I felt the need to relax,
forget all about it and be my own man.

The coffee was ready and this time I would not miss a drop,
so again, I sat…
on top of my reading glasses
while holding the cup firmly in my hand.

Wrapped in disbelief, I could not react,
the frame of the reading glasses was twisted,
entangled in the fabric of the sofa’s seat;
I wanted to cry.
Out of nowhere the cat jumped on me…
Like if she knew I was looking for a hug,
I dropped the hot coffee all over my lap.

I could not surrender, yet I had enough.

As I went upstairs to put on new pants
the phone rang again,
I was in no hurry, no mood to talk to anyone,
although I knew it was getting late,
I slowly took my time

The phone rang and rang, but then it stopped
I heard this message:
"Mr. Martin, this is the office of Dr. Blake,
simply to remind you of the appointment with us
tomorrow afternoon at 4pm.

Thank you and have a good day."

I had enough on my mind,
by this time
I could simply care less,
so, I found the inspiration
to make the time for myself.

© By Emiliano (Poeta48@aol.com)





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