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"Do you want the bag in paper or plastic?"
The salesgirl said to me.
I had to make that decision so drastic,
Should I pollute or take down a tree?

"Excuse me Ma'am," the bag she did rattle,
One had handles and the other did not.
Shoppers waited behind me in line like cattle.
The groceries wasn't a whole lot.

Loaf of bread and eggs a dozen,
Some bacon and a whole pound of butter.
A fancy birthday card for my cousin,
The line was starting to mutter.

This could be a momentous decision!
I stared and gave it really deep thought.
I heard some snorts of disgusted derision.
While I pondered what I had bought.

The manager came up to the checkout.
"Is there some important problem here?"
The girl rolled her eyes all about,
Saying, "Is it paper or plastic my dear?"

I thought of the forests fast disappearing.
And the fish strangling in the sea.
But closing time was quickly nearing
And the choice was left up to ME!

How awful! I can't make up my mind.
Which bag would make the world worse.
Then it hit me! I came to find..
It would all fit in my big purse.

By Swampetta (



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