This is my first full summer in rural Georgia, so I am seeing the Magnolia Tree in all its glory for the first time this week.

Years ago, someone was thoughtful enough to plant the Magnolia Tree. It sits on the crest of a hill on the northside of our property. It's about 30 ft. tall. Its broad glossy leaves sparkled all winter through the misty rain and the occasional frosty mornings. Birds and squirrels sheltered under its wide limbs. It stands tall and symmetrical, perfectly balanced all around.

About a month ago I noticed huge buds on the Magnolia Tree. The buds were the size of small baking potatoes, larger than buds I'd ever seen on any shrub or tree.

Sunday morning the first blossom appeared, followed by at least ten others. Today they are in full bloom and the blossoms are roughly the size of a dinner plate.

More outstanding than the beauty of this lovely tree is the aroma of Magnolias that wafts through the air and fills our back porch with a heavenly scent.

I'm originally from New York and have been in Georgia only 10 months. I have a cemetery plot in New York waiting for me someday but, I think I'm going to request that my ashes be scattered under the Magnolia Tree. Yes, I think I would like that very much.


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