It is quiet here today
Just me, the rain, and the radio
Housecleaning, talking on the phone,
and a fridge to clean, and
make some soup from
the leftovers I don't throw away.
Not much to do, the laundry's done
the kitchen mopped to a jazzy tune
my little radio is my company.
I'll invite someone for dinner soon
Just to have a reason
for cleaning my house.
Living alone is a choice I made
so many, many years ago
But it's nice to have family
or some friends over for my cooking
I am a good cook, you know.
The day goes by uneventfully
The rain has stopped and the sun is out
but will be setting soon, its golden
rays shining thru my west windows.
I'll settle down to watch tv, or read,
or maybe sit out on the porch
watch the night fall and the fireflies,
or just be on the computer.
When it is time for bed, i'll grab a
book and snuggle down in my cozy
room with the tiny irises on the walls
and surrounded by pictures of loved ones,
in the room which still holds my folks old,
old bedroom outfit. Yes, I am alone,
but it is a comfortable kind of aloneness.
This is not the story of my life, but
the story of my days.

By susi Taylor (

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