How can we celebrate our independence?
Aren't we in a far away place at war?
And where, please tell me, is the evidence,
That we should fight some more.

Is it really our job to make the Iraqis free?
To give them rights that they never had.
Make all their women just like me,
Free to mourn their children and be sad.

"For Uncle Sam!" they shout, "Good 'ol US of A!"
There are sons and daughters facing death,
Maybe tomorrow, if they live through today.
Willing to give their very last breath.

Be like us or you'll just be an enemy.
And the worst of them have still got lives.
Osama and Saddam in all their infamy,
The system beckons and it thrives.

Now North Korea has that big bomb,
That they are waving in our faces.
Don't we remember Vietnam?
And all those other places?

Pack them up and send them home.
It's time to get them back.
What's the reason that they roam?
Another Christmas in Iraq?

As we set off sparklers and fireworks,
And wave the flag on high..
Our thinking has a lot of quirks,
Celebrate the right to die.

By Swampetta (



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