I don't understand how I grew up with all those fairy tales and didn't turn out to be dysfunctional. I watched all those silly cartoons with characters bashing each other, yet I knew enough not to bash anybody. Somehow, I knew they were fairy tales and cartoons, and they didn't impact my sensibilities. I simply enjoyed the stories and the action.

I watched Pinocchio and somehow knew my nose wouldn't grow if I told a lie.

I enjoyed Snow White even though I knew it was make-believe.

I loved Cinderella. She got the best of her wicked stepsisters and landed a charming prince.

Remember "Little Black Sambo?" Charming story about a little black boy who outsmarted some tigers. You can't find that book anywhere today. It's politically incorrect.

I feel sorry for this generation of young people. They are hooked on electronics and don't know the joy of amusing themselves by reading a good fairy tale.

Somewhere along the way, something went terribly wrong.



There once was a lady of seventy-four.
A mother-in-law was she,
Once in a while, she'd show up at my door,
"May I sit for your little babeee?"

"I haven't the money to catch the bus,
Why would you send me away?"
But come in she would, sit down.
"I just need a child to play."

"I play like this is my house
I'm a mother again,
My children are not grown and gone,
And I'm in a family," she'd grin.

Do you "play like" a lot?
"Yes, I do all the time,
Makes life what I make it,
In a world more sublime."

I understood then, called a neighboring friend,
I'm coming for coffee a while.
Mother-in-Law is here today,
And she just wants to be with her child.



Imagine, that old woman
In the mirror is not me
For I am young and gorgeous
Not wrinkled badly as she

Imagine my bod is trim
And my hair is not so gray
I wear a gown of satin
Not this old robe of worn frey

Imagine the world at peace
Not in great strife as today
Imagine safety for all
Of the small children at play

Imagine Winning lotto
With no money frets at all
And the hot summer left us
Thinking of a cooler fall

Imagine what life would be
No imaginative of thought
No inventions invented
No story book to be bought



My imagination has gotten me into many different types of trouble. BUT......It has also gotten me OUT of trouble too!

Once when I was Very Young....18 or so, I was driving like a bat out of hell on the grand old Garden State Parkway in my Dad's Chevy. (For you out-of-towners The Garden State Parkway is the next level in Dante's Inferno but it is unavoidable because most of the other highways in New Jersey are always under repair).

I was tooling along at a conservative 75 MPH and I started thinking about what I would say if I got pulled over by a State Trooper for speeding, I let my imagination run riot. I envisioned this glorious hunk of studliness coming up to my window and instead of saying,,,"License and Registration Please."

He would say..."Oh My God! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! Let me clear the road for you and I will join you as soon as I get off work. I'll take you to the boardwalk in Wildwood and buy you a fantastic meal and then take you dancing until the sun rises. I'll buy you the biggest diamond I can find and let you have my brand new Corvette to go shopping with so you can pick out the wedding gown you'll wear when we get married." My imagination was shut down when I saw the red lights flashing in my rear view mirror and heard the siren.

The Trooper was not the type that graces the covers of romance novels,,,he was short, big-bellied and slightly balding. When he said.."License and registration girlie. Do you know how fast you were going?" My imagination was shut down and my stupid brain controlled my dumb mouth,,,"Sir, when I'm going that fast, I don't take my eyes off the road to look at the dashboard!"

He just stared at me.... . He made a snorty kind of noise and turned his head. When he looked at me he was grinning like a baboon, and started to laugh "Girlie? That's the best one I heard all month! I'm just going to give you a warning and I'm going to follow you to whatever exit you're heading for. Maybe if you drive slower you can spare a glance at the speedometer once in a while."

When you are driving, Imagination is like a cell phone. Don't use it unless you are parked safely.



Slowly I walked up the hill, dang it was hot but today was check day and I wanted to get some cherries that were on sale. I was looking at the green house and wondering what they were doing to it; they had been working on it for over a year now. As I passed the green house and got to the other greenish house I remembered reading about this guy getting his annual dividend check, a little over two billion, yep, a dividend check of over two billion dollars. I chuckled, leaned over and picked up a piece of white rock and wondered if I could make it into an arrowhead.

“Wow, what would I do if I had two billion,” I said out loud. With this great revelation I stopped and looked around. “I would buy Mrs. Saint Clair’s house, the green house and this house, buy all three,” I said as I turned and stared at the vacant land in my view. Then I grinned as I put the piece of white rock in my pocket, “I would give Tom and Mike 25 million each and Cal ten million,” I said as I then thought about the ultimate dream, “I would buy me a ranch in Happy Jack, buy one of them, hire me a ranch manager to run the cattle operation and I would build me a house out there, a house on a knob, a round house with an all glass upper level and a ground level living quarters with an underground basement, have to be at least 60 by a hundred. Install a couple wind turbines and get me a bull dozer and make me a pond and stock it with trout and . . .,” I stumbled as I walked off the road and nearly fell.

I laughed as I then thought about buying me one of those 50 foot motor coaches with a matching trailer. In the trailer I would carry my bicycle, my road bike, my pickup and my dirt bike, then I would just start driving around and stop in and buy different internet friends a cup of coffee. Meet them, chat for half an hour or until one of us got bored then I would drive down the road. But then I would want my motor home to carry at least three hundred gallons of diesel so I could not be stopping, just ambling.

Beep, beep, beep, I heard behind me as I quickly, well I moved out of the middle of the road and let the dang kid in a pickup go by. Dang young people that are with those people in the green house. I would buy it and either give it to tom or rent me a front end loader and demolish it, flatten it then . . . I walked into the mail boxes and opened ours. The mail had not gone yet, so I started home thinking about my bleeding arm where I walked into that mailbox.

Yeah, I do dream of the impossible as I get my gunny sack and dive bombing stick and start walking out the road picking up cans. That would be neat for I could and would buy up every vacant lot and piece of land around town and I would not sell any of it. Put it in my will that not one piece of they land could be developed for 25 years. But then Chris and Mark, what would they do with it?




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