The days of summer are here again
When life seems so in tune
Nothing seems to say it more
Than berries ripe in June

Off we go with baskets in hand
And walk the long green rows
Looking for the ripened fruit
Hiding under the leafy bows

Two for the basket and one for me
Is how the picking goes
Before I know the row is done
And back to the car we go

Our stomachs full, our fingers red
The aroma just intoxicates
Cleaning, slicing into the pot
Now for the jam to boil, we wait

We pour into the Mason Jars
And fill them to the brim
Set them on the window sill
And before we cap, we skim

All the foam in the big white bowl
Just waiting for ice cream
Another job done and when Winter comes
Jam on toast will taste supreme

By Joy (



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