I am lost here on the sea.
I floated away from shore.
No one knows what's happened to me.
Been three days going on four.

I hide myself from the boiling sun.
And only come out at night.
But I haven't seen any one
To tell of my terrible plight.

I 'borrowed' the boat without permission
And no one saw me leaving there.
Yes, it was a bad decison.
But the weather was so fair.

So I did an impulsive thing.
And ran out of gas on the way.
The boat's not reported missing
'Cause the owner lives in L.A..

I will never do anything like this again!
I'll live as quiet as a mouse.
Is that lightning? Will it rain?
WAIT! It's the glow from a lighthouse!

From them I'll have to beg some fuel.
I'll plead and cry and act my best.
'Cause I'm as stubborn as a mule.
And I'm headed for Key West!



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The featured images are different views of Bass Lighthouse in Maine.
The path down to the rocks was narrow and scary, but I made it. :)