A cloudy day here
threatening rain
But it is soft and quiet
Well, almost.....
The sounds of the trash men on their rounds,
the kids down the street playing and laughing,
the squirrels chattering as they chase each other
around the cottonwood tree.
But overall, they are just background noises
and there is a certain kind of quietness in the air.
There are far-off sounds of the first Saturday
Civil Defense siren, the whistle of a train, the
bark of a dog.
There is the whir-buzzzz of a jar-fly as he rubs his
legs together foretelling the coming of frosty nights.
Next door the neighbor is firing up his lawnmower.
I can hear the wall clock chiming ten, the click of the
coffee maker as it stays warm, the hourly news on the
kitchen radio coming on with its three notes.
These are the sounds of morning.
Sounds of everyday life,
Sounds of peace.



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