He was a hardened, leather-faced fella. He had been put back on the street beat because he had mistaken a red balloon for the top of his police car when he was checking out a sneaky guy in a Cowboy's baseball cap. When he came back from his chase, he shot the red light on top of his own police car! Poor Chuck took the rasberries for that from all the boys at the precinct. Finally, he got so depressed, he began to stay home. The captain called him one morning, caught him in bed, and told him to come in - he wanted to talk with him.

That's when it happened. Chuck is a traffic cop again. You can see him in the intersection of Main Street and Vine. He waves his arms this way and that in a humiliating fashion. Chuck was doing his usual gyrations one morning when he again spied the man in the Cowboy's baseball cap. Again, he thought he was sneaky and started chasing him.

This time Chuck garnered him in a corner and found to his surprise that the Cowboy cap was covering up long blonde tresses. He pulled it off, and there was his ex-wife!

Liza told him she was trying to stay shy of him while still wanting to see him. A sort of stalking! Said Liza "I know how bad your eyes have been. If you will just hear me out I will take care of you. You don't understand how carrot juice will strengthen your eyes. I will make it pure myself if you will let me bring it to you tonight."

Chuck for all his hardness teared up when Liza was talking, his knees weakened, and he gave in.

That night Liza brought a gallon jug of carrot juice, two crystal glasses, and a Domino's pepperoni pizza. The juice was laced with white wine and Chuck drank eight glasses. Well, you know what happened!

Chuck is keeping his job as a traffic cop. He doesn't mind with Liza by his side, for it was the danger which followed him every day that caused Liza to decide her fear for him was too much to bear. She had actually divorced him because she loved him too much.

Liza never wanted the high life (and she certainly doesn't get it married to a traffic cop) but she loves to bring Chuck a home made sandwich and carrot juice every day for lunch. They sit together on a park bench, watching the children, and handing out red balloons - the symbol of their new beginning.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)



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