Jamie was a preemie baby, just over two pounds. Doctors said she would not live. Well, she did live. She lived three months past her twenty-nineth birthday.

Jamie was in Elko, Nevada visiting her dad, and had checked into a hotel. No word to dad for two days so he had the hotel manager bust the door. She had died!

Jamie was young, vibrant, and beautiful. My oldest granddaughter, one of the pieces to my life. So Jamie, your Nanny prays for you every day and night. Your mom and I feel so empty, yet we know you are with God, praising Him.

Jamie was funny and fun to be with, always considerate to others. Jamie was the heart of me and her mom. We love you, Jamie.

Your loving Mom and Nanny.

By Betty (JCrowe5884@aol.com)





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