Do you ever, I know you donít,
Start to do something and get sidetracked?
After a while, seven things ago,
You remember what it was you started to do?

Going to the shed to get an Allen wrench,
Out the door and head that way.
Dang that section needs some water,
So the sprinkler I set to go on.

Out the courtyard gate I go,
I didnít finish gluing that picture frame.
So I start to finish that,
When I remember I did not trim a rose.

Get to the rose bushes I do,
Clip one rose and look about.
Forgot to water that elm this morn,
Start that way when I hear a horn.

'Twas the UPS man it was,
So I take the package into the house.
Then I remember, oh yes,
I forgot to put out some more peanuts.

Then as I sit down for lunch,
Fix a sandwich when the wife asks,
Going to finish the beans you saved?
I grin and just say, I forgot.

At three pm, on the dot,
I go and get my Allen wrench.
No, nah, it never happens to you,
Sidetracked and scatterbrained.



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Graphics by Marilyn

The backyard and roses were taken from phtographs by Tom,
and are used with his permission.