"She'll never be missed."
He said when they kissed.
"For a cranky old broad was she."
"Tossed her from the boat,
And she didn't float,
No more will she aggravate me."

The Bimbo kissed him back,
Said; "Is that a fact?"
"Then can we get married real soon?"
He hugged her big honkers,
Lord! She drove him bonkers!"
Under the gleaming full moon.

He shook his bald head,
"Gotta prove that she's dead.
And that alone could take years."
Pretty face pulled a pout,
"Oh NO!" She did shout.
Aging quickly was one of her fears.

To a Detective she went,
(It was his money she spent.)
"I'd like to report a homocide.
"My lover killed his wife,
Cut her throat with a knife
But his patience was sorely tried."

They took him to jail,
Held with no bail.
Her body they found in the mist.
The Bimbo walked away'
With her hips all asway,
Now THAT you can call a twist!

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)





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