Alice Bleu looked up at the rear view,
Of her brand new 90ish Ford,
Alice Bleu was 62
But she never had driven before.

She always had Ted,
So it was said,
He drove her and
Kept her in tow.

But then awhile ago,
Ted had reaped his reward
And Alice Bleu must learn
To drive a get-around car.

She tried to straighten
That mirror just so,
But suddenly was frightened,
It turned the color of Smokey Joe.

Gingerly, she gassed it
According to her lessons,
Took it back to the store,
The manager, I'm guessin'

She complained bitterly
About the smokey colored mirror,
He smirked at her with glee,
But thought of her dearer.

Alice Bleu, when you're out with the girls,
It's for your night drivin'
You can see the bright lights behind,
When you're ashuckin' and jivin'.

Alice Bleu turned a little beet red,
She had learned so very little,
Depended on old masterful Ted,
Now has to face life's new riddles.

By Norma (



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