I stepped outside on Monday morning and there you were.
Your tail was wagging and your tongue was drooling
As you bounced delightedly toward me.
Your short black coat was dusty and dirty
But your big brown eyes sparkled with friendship.
Your tail kept wagging and your eyes pleaded,
"Play with me. I'm lost and lonely."

We saw the sign that read, "Lost Black Lab named Bailey"
But when we called, they said the phone was disconnected.
Your family had moved away before they could find you.
We left word at the post office and hope they can be traced.
Meanwhile you had wandered a mile through the woods to our house
You made yourself at home and charmed us with you playfulness.

We cannot keep a dog; we travel often out of state,
Who would watch and feed you while we were away?
We wait for your owners to come and claim you,
But if they don't, what will become of you?

So we feed you and leave a bucket of fresh water,
And you make yourself comfortable beneath our porch.
Does anybody out there want a sweet, dang dawg?

By Frannie (Frannie516@comcast.net)



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