To some it's just an apron
old garment of no worth . . .
but the memories it holds for me
are the dearest ones on earth ~

Grandmother wore it often
for lots of things she did . . .
seemed like a bit 'O magic
when I was just a kid ~

I'd see her in the chicken coop
as chicken feed she'd throw . . .
how she made that apron like a sack
I tell you I don't know ~

Why it held eggs she'd gather
the hens laid every day . . .
"I just can't cook without it"
I'd hear grandmother say ~

If company was acomin'
she dusted with it, too . . .
dried at least a thousand teardrops
'n snot when, she, our noses blew ~

Into the garden there she'd go
with apron held out wide . . .
soon peas 'n corn 'n beans 'n taters
were carried on inside ~

We'd sit awhile upon the porch
a mess of beans we'd clean . . .
string 'em first ~ then snap 'em
awwwww~ you know what I mean ~

For the always hungry old~fashion'd stove
she'd tote kindlin from the shed . . .
"My apron sure comes in handy"
so worn out her face all red ~

So much love 'n comfort ~ tenderness
given to us for so many years . . .
just can't think about those precious times
without my eyes filling up with tears ~

To some just a worn~out piece of cloth
but, oh my, not so to me . . .
My Grandmother's Magic Apron
like her, lives forever in my memory !


In memory of my darlin' grandmother,
Mary Jane Bowlin
Sweetest angel e'er lived!

I love & miss you, darlin' grandmother,

Your Maryxo

Mary Carter Mizrany is a published author of poetry, short stories, devotionals and other writings. Mary's online activities include On Wings of Faith Ministries, through which she publishes a bi~weekly devotional. She is also moderator of two prayer groups. Mary's writings have been published in poetry anthologies, books, magazines, ezines, websites and other genre.

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