My Grandparents' House
a poem written in seventeen syllable verse

house along the road
brings back days of my childhood
memories so sweet

9 West Hawthorne Street
home of my grandparents, and
childhood vacations

huge old trees, white fence
a gate I used to swing on,
smokehouse in the back

wood stove in kitchen,
cellar door built in the floor,
cupboards were called "safes"

around the table
we all gathered for our meals
after the blessing

when I was a child
I thought this house was biggest,
grown, was just four rooms

there were apple trees,
wonderful flower gardens,
and Grandma grew grapes

green Elephant Ears
grew outside the kitchen door
along the stone walk

there was a porch swing
covered with a patchwork quilt
for eve'ning sittin'

memories so sweet,
growing up with grandparents,
their old house, and love

By susi Taylor (



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Graphics by Marilyn

The image of the house was taken from an authentic photograph
of susi's grandparents' home.