Once upon a time
I dreamed the world was mine.
A jeweled throne was my seat,
And kings fell at my feet.

The world's most beautiful queen,
As any that was ever seen.
Wise beyond my years,
Only gave laughter, never tears.

Told a king, I must obtain
To help complete my reign.
Many I passed over,
Then fell in love with a rover.

I held him at my side,
With me he must abide.
He must not roam again.
But he jumped on a passing train.

And now here's my reality,
Sort of lacking in its quality.
No golden castle is my home,
But I am free to roam.

No one here to worship me.
I can lean against a tree.
I haven't got a dime...
But, once upon a time....

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)





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