He was an ordinary man,
As far as anyone could see,
Seemingly no different than
Other people, like you and me.

With a job he went to each day,
And working there from nine to five.
Average in every way,
Just earning enough to survive.

He didn’t speak of family,
But, of friends, had more than his share -
Neighbors, fellow workers, mostly.
In times of trouble, he’d be there.

He was quite a good looking guy,
And had an impressive physique;
Yet he appeared timid and shy -
Horn rimmed glasses made him seem meek.

Yes, he seemed an average Joe,
With an apartment and old car,
Blending in wherever he’d go,
Ignored when he entered a bar.

Certainly not a ladies man,
Wearing his rumpled suit and tie.
Marriage wasn’t part of the plan,
Although Lois had caught his eye.

They had an odd relationship -
She loved him, yet wasn’t aware;
But at times she’d been in his grip,
As he carried her through the air.

No one would have guessed that Clark Kent
Was Superman wearing disguise.
On Krypton, from where he’d been sent,
There are no ordinary guys.

© By RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)




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