This poem is very special to me because it aptly sums up, in four short stanzas, my own struggle with the need to control. The idea of "The Power of Letting Go" came to me as I was lap swimming one morning and how easily I zipped through the water lap after lap. It wasn't always that way. In learning to swim I had to surrender to the water. When I did that without flailing about and nearly drowning, swimming and diving became effortless. I had surrendered and swimming became a joy!

The Power of Letting Go
To all who abided with me and taught me well the power of letting go.

daily life is spiked
with contention and with strife
but please, let us remember
that in the act of pure surrender,
there is power in letting go

letting go of being right
after yet another fight
when feelings race pillar to post
as we put down the urge to boast
we see the power in letting go

when we go to bed in anger
there always is the danger
of awakening the next morn
still feeling angry and forlorn
we forgot the power in letting go

then one day it became clear
as we entered a celestial sphere
where we didn't get out of joint
when we acknowledged another's point
we had learned the power of letting go

By Evelyn (



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