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A Day Spent With Dad

By Sharon (

"Dad, can we go to the beach?" asked Joey.

"Mom had to work today Joey. It would be difficult to go to the beach with baby sister."

"I'll help with her Dad. Please can we go to the beach?"

And so father, son, packed supplies and baby sister and headed to the beach. When they got there, they carefully lay blankets in the bottom of the wagon to soften it for sister. Then they placed her on the blankets and Dad pulled, while Joey pushed.

The day proved to be beautiful, not too hot and not too cold. Joey played in the sand, while Dad sat near the wagon, keeping a close eye on both Joey and baby sister. Seagulls flew over head. A light breeze was blowing, and Joey enjoyed spending quality time with Dad and baby sister. It wasn't often that one of his busy parents had time to play with him. But Dad had a few days off from work and decided yard work and house work would be secondary to playing with the children.

Hours went by with all three enjoying each other's company. Dad forgot about the stress of the office, and other problems that come along with raising a family while two people worked. He also forgot to keep an eye on the time. It started to cool off and grow darker. He realized that they should head on home. So he called to Joey and again the two packed up the car. They put baby sister in her car seat, the sandy towels and blankets, the picnic basket into the trunk.

When they got home, Mom was home and concerned. "Where have you been? I was worried. No chores have been done. I thought we agreed that whoever had a day off, would do the household chores, and cook dinner."

"I'm sorry Dear. But Joey wanted to go to the beach and it seemed like a good idea."

"Well, it's all well and good to play, but duties should come first," she answered.

"Tell you what Dear. After I put away the beach things, and give the kids a bath, and feed baby sister, and put her in her crib, I will go and get some take out food and bring dinner home."

With that, he went about doing exactly what he promised. Joey wanted Pizza. But Dad said it was Mom's choice this time as she hadn't had a day out like they did at play. Mom wanted Chinese take out, and they agreed to it.

Joey stayed home with Mom, and Dad left to get the food. He met a neighbor at the restaurant.

"Hey Mike! How's it going?"

"Well, I think I am in hot water with Beth. I took the kids to the beach instead of doing the chores. She is a bit upset after working hard all day," Mike answered

"I can see where she might be. My wife and I were just commenting on how very busy she gets. Hope the temper blows over fast."

Mike drove home with the food. When he got there, Beth was reading a story to Joey. Both had smiles on their faces. Later that evening Beth took Joey into his room and tucked him in. "Don't be mad at Dad. We had such a good time today and this is the first time in weeks I have seen him so relaxed.

When it was bedtime for Mike and Beth, they cuddled in bed for awhile. Beth realized that what Joey had said was true.

"Beth Honey, I hope you aren't still angry with me. I know I kind of goofed off today," said Mike.

"No, I am not still angry. I shouldn't have lost my temper. And chores are not the first priority. Quality time with the children should be first. You were right to play with them today."

Mike cuddled even more with Beth after that statement. He was almost asleep, when she spoke again.

"I think maybe we should set one day a week for play time with the children." And that was how they decided, that after church on Sunday, they would spend the rest of the time doing things with the kids.


A Day At The Beach

By Swampetta (

"Daddy, Daddy..can we get wet?"
Mommy won't mind, that you can bet!
"Is the tide up and the waves real rough?
But I'm not afraid of any of that stuff."

"Daddy, Daddy is the tide out low?
And all the shells are right on show?
"And if we see some of those sand fleas,
Can I catch one? Can I please?"

"Daddy, Daddy..Watch the seagull fly!
Can I feed him just one french fry?
"He looks hungry don't you think?
Daddy,,What do seagulls drink?"

Spending the day playing in the sand.
Coming home looking brown and tanned.
So much can the ocean teach,
When you spend a day on the beach.


To The Beach We Go

By Tom (

Me and sis and dad of course
To the beach on Saturday morning go
Play in the sand, watch the gulls,
Wade the water
And be together

Build a sand castle
Look for sea shells,
Watch the breakers and
Hear the noises

Saturday morning just we three
With our dad
Doing our own thing
Summer day and a breeze
In the fall a kit
We will have

Family is as family does
Me and sis and of course our dad
A Saturday outing we do enjoy


The Beach In Autumn

By Doris (

The beach in Autumn is a lonely place.
No bathers, lifeguards, no friendly face.
The water is grey, it matches the sky,
And Seagulls are huddled, not wanting to fly.

Deserted houses, their empty windows,
Stare vacantly at the vista below.
The upturned hulls of rowboats, canoes -
Tossed about like cast-off shoes.

The snack-stand boarded-up against
Nor'easter's winds and devilment.
Sand mounded up, there's many a dune,
Awaiting the wrath of ocean's King, Neptune

The beach in autumn is my special place
For time alone, a quiet space.
I write my poems, reflect a while,
Then off I run through a big sandpile! : )


Weekend Daddy

By susi Taylor (

Not a lot of time together
Two short days every other week
Trying to stuff the days full
Trying to say all the words we need to speak
Like so many others I am a weekend dad
Not an each but an every other weekend dad
Storms of life and other situations
Took away all the happiness I had
One of his favorite places to go
Is to the beach where we play and walk
He chases the gulls and the waves
And sometimes we just sit and talk
He tells me of the sports he plays
How things are going in his world
Sometimes he even asks me questions about girls
I try my best to give him good advice
From all the things i've learned recently
About respect and manners and to always be nice
The weekends always come to an end too fast
And he clings to me when it's time to go
It breaks my heart to leave him each time
And I take him back home, but we really go slow
Every other weekend is not enough
But that's the way it's got to be
I'll take whatever time I can get
And spend it with him, just my boy and me


Our First Trip Without Mom

By Brier (

Dad took me and sister for our first beach trip since our mom died. Mom loved the beach as do we, she loved to plan and make it exciting. She would walk the beach with me and gather shells. She'd laugh out loud when the waves came over her feet.

I loved to hear her laugh. Mom's been gone for a year now. We still miss her and pray like she taught us. Dad liked to watch the boats out on the waves, he misses her a lot, I think.

I like to walk over the dunes, feel the hot sand. Then the cool waves. The beach is my favorite place. I will teach my sister to love it too, when she is older. I feel mom watching us and smiling, she loves the beach so.


I Heard The Melody of the Mermaid

By Norma (

I heard the melody of the mermaid,
And was the same nevermore.
Neptune himself joined our hands
Among teal, shooting silvers,
Fluttery golds,
Ocean's stars.

Alas, we are from different worlds
And I cannot always stay
Among sea grasses swaying,
But she gave me you,
Who copied me
We'll take her our heart
Our Valentine
This reunion day.


Yesterday Years

By Linda Diane Wilkerson (

Oh, yesterday when I was young
I can remember all the wonderful nights of December
When you would hold me so tight in your arms
Each time we kissed I could feel your love and charm
No matter what the season I can always remember
I felt such deep tender passion as you held me so tight
I could watch the sun come up so beautiful a sight
Even the ocean waves were full of light
At the beginning of the morn brought a sweet kiss of bliss
I would hold you oh so tight
With sweet passion brought the morning sun
I just knew you were the only one
It was many years now since yesterday when I was young
I still feel the warm feeling when I think of you
It will always be a wonderful memory of the things we did
Yes, we were young and always having so much fun
The nights together no matter what the weather
In the mountains looking over the water of the stream
Coming ripping down the falls
Yes, I will never forget the love we shared
I will always remember the wonderful
Yesterdays when I was young


The Sun Still Rises For Us To Rejoice

Dedicated to my six children who have given me tremendous joy–
John, Vivian, Marcia, Maureen, Sheila and Karen

By Evelyn (

This picture awakens feelings in me of some the happiest and carefree moments of my life. The memories of sun, sand, sea shells, star fish, sea oats, and sea gulls and children shrieking with joy are almost more than I can bear.

In the early years of our marriage my husband was an officer in the United States Coast Guard. He discovered the Outer Banks of North Carolina when he was the Executive Officer on ship that tended the navigational aids along the Atlantic coast. After the service years, we made our home in Ohio. It wasn’t long before Tom’s memory of the Outer Banks beckoned him to investigate that string of islands. This we did together and as the years went by no summer was complete without a three-week summer vacation on North Carolina’s Outer Banks..

In the early years, before the highway went through and the islands became conjested with hotels, condominiums, and cottages, we became acquainted with the natives in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Collington Island where they taught us the love of those islands. Our children learned how to crab, to fish and how to enjoy the freedom of the sun and the sand and how to have a new respect for the mighty ocean on which the livelihood of the island natives depended.

However, of all the things we did, the memory of arising long before dawn to watch the “natives” pull in their nets along the beach for the day’s catch of crabs lingers. Then we’d watch the sun rise over the ocean.

The lighthouse on each island and its lore and history became well known to our six children. The Hatteras Lighthouse was always the most fascinating and the favorite. In the early years it took two ferry boat rides to get to the last island, Okrakoke. Now there is one. We always made sure that we had plenty of bread to feed the gulls! Kitty Hawk is where the Wright Brothers made their first flight and the monument and the museum there was always a favorite visit. And a summer was never complete without seeing the outdoor drama by Paul Green. “The Lost Colony,” at Manteo on Roanoke Island. What a wonderful way to experience history first hand!

Those were halcyon days! Those were the memories that we gave our six children. The years have passed and it has been our privilege to see the joy that our grandchildren get out of the same sun and sand that their parents used to play in. Though the landscape has changed, the ocean has not. There are still places where they can learn to catch a crab or go fishing! And yes, “The Lost Colony” Play still exists, year after year there on the sound at Roanoke Island. The lighthouses are still our major attractions as is the Wright Brothers Monument and Museum.

One thing that will always remain to fascinate me and the generations that follow me is the sunrise over the ocean. The memory of those sunrises with the children squealing with delight brought me to write the following poem. I wrote “Red Host of Morning Over Chalice of Day” in 1996 as I watched the sun rise at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Artist’s Profile*

I wrote “Red Host of Morning Over Chalice of Day” one summer morning as I watched the sun rise over the ocean at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. I paint word portraits of my loved ones, and the everyday milieu. My poetry reflects the authentic Evelyn, whether she’s happy or sad. My poem at Christmas each year sums up and reflects upon the year just past. My “Ode to 2001" reflecting the tragic events of September 11, was written over the lump in my throat. It is a privilege to have my work recognized. Thank you.

Red Host of Morning Over Chalice of Day

with this daily offering
one second, one heart beat
at a time, in
i herald abroad this day and
proclaim it blessed. use its
light, its power to fulfill your
inmost prophecy in
with souls around you
and nature from whence
you come. the
fills your soul.
as the red host rises,
the morning star, diffused by
the light of day,
has taken its leave
good morning!

Evelyn L. McCusker
Copyright ©1996 Evelyn L. McCusker

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