America, America, how greatly God has blessed your land.

On you in this land he laid out his far-reaching plan.

Years ago on Earth his eyes moved to and fro,

And he said, “America is where my Gospel will spread and grow”.

Drew people from distant shores to this untamed land of ours.

And so they came seeking freedom from tyranny and oppression,

Many of the first Pilgrims died from severe hardship and depression.

Still, they kept coming on, landing on the Atlantic shore,

Northeast to south, then West through America’s open door,

Westward moving, of the Pioneer’s spirit many tales are told,

To reach the Pacific was the lure of finding gold.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific Northeast, South and west,

Was born a Christian Nation, how abundantly we were blessed.

Visiting in the 19th century a Frenchman had these words to say.

“America is great because it is good. Cease goodness, greatness flies away”.

All eyes of the world could see, proclaiming these telling words,

How blessed is America for “their God is the Lord”.

In the latter part of the 20th century came a horde of evil tide,

Replacing God for humanistic philosophy, spreading far and wide.

Thereafter, the enemies of the Lord were evermore increasing,

Our strong family ties and Christian values steadily ceasing.

God looking down on America surely must be weeping,

Seeing so many of his people in apathy, soundly sleeping.

Awake, Awake, America, and hurry---the battle cry is on…

Pray to keep God’s blessing, once again singing His victory song!

By Bertha Welch,
a blind resident at Luther Manor in Saginaw

By Bertha Welch(




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