Sometimes bad things happen even to good people
A death reminds us life is a gift to use and care for.
Love those you care about and let them know you are loving them.
Show your caring even though it may make you vulnerable.
Time is precious, people are even more precious.

Don't let a minute pass without letting some one feel your caring.
Care, it is the life essence, it grows and swells and spreads.
It could make our world a better place to live in.
Spread it like jam on bread, thick and generously.
Let all you meet see the sunshine in your life.

You are a blessing to someone, and they are to you.
Don't let it die from lack of attention.
A tear or a smile, it is all caring.
Don't be afraid, it will feel good most of the time.
Smile and care, and say I love you.


Brier (






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