My pillow is soft, soft as a cloud.
The night breeze is sweet and kind.
Only crickets are chirping loud
While thoughts dance through my mind.

Oh to be young and sweet faced again!
Able to run and jump so high..
With a heart that can love in vain.
But heals with only a single sigh.

Believing in all that I desire
Can just magically begin to arrive.
All the things that I require,
Like honey in a hive.

I値l create colors no one has ever seen.
From my paintbrush they will flow.
Reds and blues and vibrant green,
I値l be the only one that will know.

All the flowers I plant will bloom
I値l grow a rainbow jungle in my back yard.
Overhead, huge sunflowers loom,
I値l grow fancy orchids, won稚 be too hard.

I will ride a pure white horse.
On roads that are paved with gold.
He値l be part unicorn, of course.
And do whatever he痴 told.

We値l trot on the sandy beach
And watch the blue waves as they break.
The sun will rise in skies colored peach.
An ivory sand castle I will make.

I can feel my eyes closing now.
As I dream that I am there.
For as long as my mind will allow,
Here痴 all that beauty for me to share.

Comes the morning and the sun appears.
The world痴 noises seem to intrude.
My lovely dreamland has no tears.
But this blatant reality is rather crude.

That young, pretty princess that fell asleep,
Becomes a cranky, wrinkled old beast.
Maybe tonight I値l try counting sheep,
Until the morning sun rises in the East.


By Swampetta (






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