I heard a wolf outside my door
Howling all night like none before
It kept me from a good deep sleep
Afraid I was to utter peep

Would the daylight ever begin
Was this the night my life would end
The winds made the house creak and moan
Rolling over my joints did groan

The wolf kept howling until dawn
I climbed out of bed with a yawn
Carefully out the drapes I peeked
Trying quite hard just not to weep

There in front of my door he lay
A shaggy dog tired from night's play
Opening the door I said you get
Turned out to be my neighbor's pet

I laughed as he went off to home
He spent all night out on the roam
Then I saw on electric wire
Buzzard hoping I would expire

When would this nightmare ever cease
And give my paranoia peace
When left alone in the household
My nerves are anything but bold

By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)




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