The most important tools
are the mower and the rake
First leaf-fall's most important
for the lawn's sake
That's when I use the mower
to mulch and feed the grass
After that the rake is used
when the rest of them fall en masse

Cutting the grass is incidental
it has pretty much stopped growing
It will stay bright green until November
When the icy wind oer the land is blowing
Then the leaves will all be down at last
The mowing and raking will be past
The bags have been set out at the street
And the feeling of accomplishment is sweet

I lean on the rake and savor the air
Look back on the lawns of velvety green
It won't be long before green turns to white
Then i'll look out my window at a winter scene
But for now, I'll be satisfied with the job
Knowing it's over for one more year
Now I can settle down for a long winter's rest
In my recliner, my feet up, and the TV near

By susi Taylor (



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