Daddy wasn't perfect, (as none of us are), oh,
but he had some wonderful qualities:-) Daddy
knew how to turn a downcast face into a smile.
He knew very little about fixing gadgets & such:
Ahhhhh, but he could fix a disappointed "Princess"
with just a few words and a warm hug!

One of his many talents was weaving a GOOD
story for us. He was a grand teller of tales:-)
When daddy told his stories, it was
like a serial movie. "Jim & "Bob" were the
characters of "His Serial". What escapades he
could contrive for these two pals to keep his
children entertained and begging for more:-)

One of the ways daddy pleased brother and me was like this . . .
every evening when he walked into our home from a long day's work,
he'd sit in his armchair. Excitement rose as brother and I raced to
take off his shoes. We knew "the secret" :-)
Daddy would hide a penny in one of his socks, you see, and,
just a simple thing like a penny was enough to bring giggles of
happiness to the 'lucky' one discovering it.
Ahhhhh, my daddy knew how to get the undivided attention of his

Daddy was an attorney by profession, highly
intelligent and dedicated. Sadly, his practice was
interrupted by WWII. When the Japanese bombed
Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the Marine Corp,
eventually deployed to action in the Pacific Theatre
(Iwo Jima, in particular) and was there when the
American flag was raised in victory.

Daddy didn't talk to his children very much about the war.
He was such a sensitive man and, VERY protective. I'm sure
he knew 'war stories' were too dreadful for small children to hear.

My daddy has been in Heaven for many, many years now.
I picture him now telling his "stories" to a rapt audience
of angels and story~lovers of all ages:-)

I miss you, daddy!

Mary Carter MizranyŠ

By Mary Carter Mizrany (




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