Lefty Loosey and Righty Tighty
Team players in a baseball game
Lefty held his bat quite very loosey
And Righty lived up to his name

Righty gripped that bat very tightly
And he swung with all of his might
When he took his turn at batter's box
The ball would fly out of all sight

Lefty now he was a different sort
All cringed when he came up to bat
Once the bat flew right out of his hands
And the pitcher's head got a crack

Lefty was traded off of the team
Played rival when they came to town
Holding his bat quite loosely again
All team members they hit the ground

The ball never even got a hit
Lefty's bat went flying instead
Poor Righty didn't know what hit him
He was killed by a bat to head

By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)





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