They say we get a second childhood
I am ready
I'd like to sail a little boat
I'd like to fly a kite

I'd like to have an opinion
That some adult wouldn't try to change
I'd like to have friends that I liked and no one could change that
I'd like to write love letters and mean it.

I'd like to send valentines to my lover
I'd like to lie in bed until noon,
If I wanted to.
I'd like to be child-like and never be embarrassed.

I want to see everything
I want to go to strange places
Dream dreamy dreams
I want to fall in love.

And never fall out.
I want to be happy and laugh out loud
My prayer is give me time to do this

I know I have had enough time
I could have done it all
But I was busy growing up
I was busy getting ready.

Now I am old and now I am ready
Please help me. Let me reach some of my goals
I will try to laugh more
and I will be more grateful.

By Brier (




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