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The top image is meant to suggest a September morning. I hope it will inspire a lot of poems and/or stories. Musings, too. During the month of September, we see the foliage change color. We feel the weather turning cooler and we think of fall activities.


September Morn

By Brier (

The nights are wonderful
Nothing running
No heat or air

The days so grand
Still warm enough
No hat no coat

People out raking
Neighbors I see
Flag still flying in the breeze

Some days the pool
Or perhaps the beach
A picnic? yes.

Sept morn
A promise of a new season
Of new colors yet to come.
How many more will I see?

I have decided to enjoy
Whatever day or time it is
To savor the time and friends
And family on Sept morn.


September Morn

By Pat (



September Morn

By Linda Wilkerson(

Sept Morn
Oh, can I remember
All the months of September
I was born in Tennessee
Close to the Smoky Mountains
Where the Streams flow down the hill
Like lovely fountains and the trees
Are beautiful of Colors
More beautiful to me than any other
The children are rushing back to school
Most Southern ladies still wear dresses with laces
Many attend Churches on Sunday Morn
Have smiles on the chill of the fall with many faces
I am now a older lady
But, OH, can I remember
The beauty of the fall of September
I now live in the lovely state of Florida
I miss the days of chill, the beautiful change of seasons
God’s handy work for many reasons
I love the winter here in Florida
We see the fall of September in December
Oh, the beauty of God’s Nature
I will always be grateful
I have lived in the Beauty of these two breathtaking places
So, September Morns will always be close to my heart
Because the Smoky Mountains were the first place
I can remember


The Season Of Change

By Jeanie (

The mist is in the air in the morning
The colors soon will change without warning
The air is clear and clean

My eyes look up to the dawning sky
the birds swoop down as they fly
they're looking for worms

It's quiet in the start of a fall day
Children will be on their way
to start a new school day

The smell in the air will change, too
Burnt odors will be the norm
on this September morn

I love this time of year
so crisp and clear
September into October
makes me smile


Summer Is A Stripper

By Swampetta (

Trees thoughtlessly tossing their raiment soon.
Still green but sort of dimmer.
Going to wear the costumes of yellow or maroon,
Hot reds and oranges that simmer.

For a grand finale, maybe in an October storm,
Those outfits too they'll shed.
Finally showing their denuded form.
Until Winter tucks them into bed.

But in September they're still teasing.
Just a glimpse of bark they show.
Sweet and shy, their innocence pleasing.
Act as if you didn't know.


Changing Clothes

By Mary Carter Mizrany (

Lively autumn has arrived
its wonders to disclose . . .
Nature and we together
starting to change clothes ~

Summer's wardrobe obsolete
put away the shorts ~ bikinis ~ tees . . .
change from green to fallish leaves
time to fall asleep dear trees ~

Golden ~ cinnamon ~ amber ~
scarlet ~ yellow ~ orange ~ sage . . .
ahhhhhh, how glorious our colors
smile now ~ we've come of age:-) ~

Just smell our lovely fragrances
life's filled with scented perfume . . .
crisp air ~ bright patch of pumpkins
season for ole harvest moon ~

Fireplaces warm and glowing
scents of cedar ~ hickory ~ pine . . .
caramel apples ~ popcorn ~ candy
all favorites of mine ~

Changing clothes & seasons together
let's do it Fall, our friend . . .
let's liven up our circumstance
have fun ~ OH, Let's pretend !


September Morning

By Norma (

Searing summer in its dying gasp,
One longs to
Exhale on such a
Misty September morning.

Breathe deep cool air and
Shuffle through coloring leaves,
Quiet, early, thoughtful, on
That new September morning.

The dawn of the late
Years of learning,
To let go in the peace
Of such a September morn.

A tinkling dreamy song,
As summer breaths its last,
Tears swell and long
For such a perfect September morn.

Only then to round another
Corner into winter’s cold blast,
Singing carols, twinkling lights,
September morn to snow-lit nights.

We’ll blink and write of
Spring’s pastel blooming,
And rest in the rhythm sure
To be a new September morning.


September Morning

By Marietta (

Wake to the cool autumn air
The leaves bring forth their colors so vibrant
Take the time to walk on a wooded lane
Hear the birds calling
See them form patterns in the sky as they seek warmer climates
Hear the children laughing and playing in the fallen leaves
Know the God is in His Heaven and all is well in your world.


September Morning

By Phyllis Ann (

January through December brings mornings ever new,
But September morn always brings a mystery, a clue.

The mornings bring a chill, but the afternoons are hot,
Leaving jackets at school which the children forgot.

Sitting on the porch in the evening now requires a wrap,
And the warmth of the pet feels good to the lap.

Daylight we're losing as each September day passes.
Soon the children will have less time to play after classes.

The leaves are dry and brittle due to a lack of rain,
And in the near future, frost will appear on the pane.

Fireplace and stove will send smoke to the sky,
And Mom will serve warm apple pie.

September morn will come and go,
When the burnt sacrifice of autumn gives way to the snow.


September Morn

By Joy (

Clouds hanging low in the East
The sun hardly able to rise
Damp and cool and dreary
There's a look of Fall in the skies

Bundled all up for the weather
Umbrella is ready at hand
Off to the days daily business
Waiting for rain in the land

Lunch break can't come too early
Out into the sunlight I go
Rain has disappeared from the picture
Fickle weather is usual I know

September's temperature is rising
Another respite from the cold
Some midday summer like weather
So the weather man has foretold

Get out and enjoy all the sunshine
For before you have shed layers of clothes
Cold October winds will come calling
With rain, oh yes, thar she blows.


The Colors Of Fall

By Amy (

the colors of fall
say it all
the leaves turn red
and then they are dead
the kids play in the leaves
that fell off the trees
some burn fires at night
bon fires ,and marshmallow delights
football games
and funny names
cheers and laughter, kisses in the night
lovers holding each other oh so tight.

then in the morn that september morn
all their splendor is adorned
as they both watch the sunrise
with all the awe of sweet surprise....


September is for New Beginnings
Take a Walk Under the Harvest Moon!

By Evelyn (

“Inside every old man is a young man, wondering what happened.” This was the caption under a picture of an old man leaning on a cane. He was standing under a tree, as I recall, wistfully gazing into the distance. September is like that little old man. Inside every September is the merry month of May with its hope and its promises, “wondering what happened!”

This is my own personal experience. As I grow older there are so many ways in which I remain and feel young as I experience the joy of life. Though the past, praise God, remains fresh, there is much in the present that captivates me and the prospect of the future holds me spellbound. Bodily, much of me is slower and graying, but mentally and spiritually my heart sings its own September song. I have no regrets. I try not to spend time thinking of past mistakes and try to live my life in the present. I am enjoying the life that Tom and I have made for ourselves, living out our dreams!

We remember the magic spell cast by the magic month of May, with its seemingly endless youthfulness. The world was filled with yellow daffodils, purple lilacs, and tulips. Then one misty morn we stepped across the threshold into September! The world was ablaze with goldenrod and purple Michaelmas daises. May had its new beginnings. But so does September.

Growing up on a farm in Alabama, my early years were highly motivated by a sense of the seasons. When September arrived and the school year began the sense of a year about to begin was heightened. A new class year with new books marked a NEW YEAR!

September’s song is a three-part harmony of sights, sounds, and aromas as our senses awaken to new sensations. Summer’s lighthearted days are over and one morning we step across a doorsill and a deeper melody begins. The fields and roadsides are resplendent in purple and gold of wild Michaelmas daises and goldenrod. Frogs and crickets are singing in full chorus, about to crescendo one last symphony. And the chatty goldfinches come in flocks have a final feast on ripe seeds in my flower garden. Cinnamon is the spice of the month as apples are sliced into pie shells and cider is stacked by the gallons waiting for the Krispy Kreme donuts!

There is expectancy in the air as we step aboard the Seasonal Ferris Wheel!

The Seasonal Ferris Wheel

Like the Ferris Wheel at the County Fair,
Seasons lift us skyward, high into the air.
Below us yawns a restless, waking Earth
Pulsing and throbbing with verdant rebirth.

Tho' Summer Solstice is the peak event,
Mid-Summer Day crowns our blithe ascent.
Descending swiftly into Fall's ebbing pace,
We view the bounty of our winded race.

Soon we are drawing, against the cold,
Gleaming drapes of yellow, red and gold.
Yielding ever slowly to each new phase,
Our Wheel prepares to meet its final days.

Singing and praising each Seasonal turn,
Thanksgiving's hearth fires glow and burn.
The Wheel now rests at the Manger Scene,
Resplendent in white and evergreen.





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