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As you can see, the picture is a group of men sitting together on a bench. One is scanning a newspaper, two are discussing something. What brings these men together? Do they meet regularly? Have you known such a group?

This is an invitation to compose a poem or a story around the picture. You may submit fiction or fact, humor or serious. We're looking forward to your entry.


Passing The Time

By Sharon (

The park bench was filled
As the old men did wait
For their turn in line
At Heaven's Golden Gate

They met at the park
At the same time each day
Discussing their aches
Other things did they say

It kept loneliness
From their apartment's door
Mentioning the game
Making a guess at score

Complaining about
The state of the nation
The cost of living
The noisy bus station

Their place in this life
When each had a good job
The kids of today
dressing up like a slob

How the landlady
seemed to be quite a flirt
And oh how they wished
That their knees wouldn't hurt


Passing The Time

By Tom (

"So this is what retirement is all about, I worked fifty years to just sit on a bench and watch the leaves turn?" Fred Shifter said to Rollei and Joe.

"Quit your bitching, you are scaring the squirrel and I spent good money to buy this bag of old bread," Rollei replied as he listened to his two friends, and as he fed the squirrel. "Where are you One Paw, come and get your breakfast," he said in a quite monotone voice of a squirrel with a paw missing.

"Dang paper says Clinton teed off on those damned republicans," Joe said he turned the page.

"What did old cigar Bill say this time?" Fred asked, "I still think if Bill had spent more time servicing his wife and not every other female he saw, she would not be the piece of crap she turned out to be."

"Whoa, hold on there. I think that little gal who was so skinny and meek-looking has a future. Heck, maybe she has a lover and old Bill done run down," Fred said with a big laugh for of the three of them, one was a staunch Republican, one a Staunch Democrat and the third a wishy-washy, uncommitted, who loved to rile his buddies.

"Look at her! That is a lean mean machine," Rollei said, as a trim woman jogged by.

"Heck if she stopped and invited you, you would just sit there and say Duh ," Fred said. "Joe there would like to turn up his pacemaker a click or two and chase her," he added with a laugh.

And so went the morning until quarter-to-ten, when they proceded over to the Coffee Cup for their mid-morning cup...the cup that would prepare them for their walk home and for lunch.


Passing The Time

By Amy (

once upon a time
when you and i entwined
we were so in love
we thanked God above.

we actually met at a park
with a football game going on
i looked at you and thought how strong
i knew i was right, and couldn't go wrong

now it's forty-three years later
we still sing oldies and say "later gator"
we have sat upon a bench, just like pictured here.
we have walked the quiet paths
of life's sadness and cheer

To sit on this bench of life's travels
to sit and tell others what has unraveled
to make them laugh or smile, or cry
that bench will be here after you and I


Old Friends

By Jeanie (






On The Bench

By Norma (

Man 1: Now, let’s see here, the world’s gone to the dogs! Not like it was when we were young. Kids minded their parents then. Women stayed home, that’s why. Yes, sir, they belong at home in the kitchen. That’s where my Opal is today. She’s making us some chicken and dumplins. Don’t know why she’s in such a snit, though. Told me to go for a stroll, get some exercise, get out of her hair.

Man 2: Don’t know, Ned, I don’t feel like the man I used to. I sold the biggest wigs in town, the best clothes in town. They all came to me. They knew I’d fit them right. Some guys wouldn’t even let anyone wait on them. When I was working, I felt important. Now, I wonder where the days go. Mabel’s at her yoga class this morning - told me to check out the free stuff in the paper.

Man 1. Free stuff! Oh, you mean two for one. Paper says Metamucil’s on special two fer $4. What kind you like? Pills or powder? Glucosamine’s on special, too. You know what, I’ve got a friend who gives that to his dog for his bones. Says it works, too!

Man 3. Well, I sure need something! Went to the gym early this morning and only did 2 hours on the tread mill.

Man 1. There you go, Charley, braggin again. Betcha you got 30 minutes if that!

Man 3. Well, you know, I keep busy! I mow my own yard, go down and get the bread for the pantry, and go to church on Wednesday nights.

Man 4. I’ve got a hole in my Nikes

Man 2. Did I ever tell you how I sold clothes before I retired? Best clothes in town...... Don’t make ‘em like that any more. Everbody wanted me.....


Old Men On A Bench

By Bob (

Old men sit on a bench to pass (and throw) the time away,
As if they never had concern that they would lose a day,
Their lives go on forever so they need not do a thing -
Tomorrow is another day, and the same problems bring.

It would be good if we could use the wherewithal they've got -
But we who run the show don't care to heed advice a lot -
I mean, they are decrepit! (Actually their brains they hide
Because they are so oft ignored when they shine bright inside.)

They've been alive and learned a lot that might help others live
A better life, but their advice we don't want them to give -
So here they sit, and chew the fat, mostly about the weather
What else to do? It helps if you can be useless together!


Passing The Time

By Joy (

There's no use in looking back
What's done is done 'tis said
The only way is to the future
And make most of what is ahead

It's fun to think of good old days
But only now and then
Keep forging ahead to the future
Before all your time is spent

Get up, get out and greet the world
There's lots out there to do
There's more time behind us, as you know
Make time to see something new

There is no way you change what's done
Put the past in your memory book
Have a youthful mind and attitude
Give the world a brand new look

The younger generation knows
How to live their lives each day
They find something new to see
And have something new to say

Don't get caught in the distant past
There's no way that things will change
Look to the future, it'll vitalize you
Because it's new doesn't mean it's strange

Happiness is a current thing
You can't hang it on things from the past
Just keep on keeping on
Then the happiness will really last


Park-Time Treasures

By Mary Mizrany (

There they sit discussing
past and current events . . .
four elderly gents ~

"Where'd the time go?"
one queries the others . . .
"Seems only yesterday
we were sweethearts & lovers"~

"Now there's frost on the pumpkin
'n no fire down below . . .
that hill we went over
such a long time ago" ~

"Seem'd steeper 'n steeper
the higher we went . . .
now the aches in our bones
just can't seem to prevent" ~

"Remember those Yankees
"The Babe" & dear Lou? . . .
when baseball was played and
demands were so few" ~

"Now its millions for contracts
players petted and spoiled . . .
ticket prices are staggerin'
we gents has been oiled" ~

"Our get up and go
has got up and went" . . .
but the money's all spent:-)


Passing The Time

By Brier (

They sit and wait
Each waiting for a different thing
Life has given them much
Wait for the right moment.

One waits for supper time
Another waits til check in at the senior center
One waits for another old friend to come by
Another waits for the call to the Pearly Gates

In time we all wait
Our special wait
Pray we have friends to sit with us
We wait with old friends, time passes easier.


Passing The Time

By Swampetta (

"Hey Jack? You done with that paper yet?"
Charlie looked over to his friend.
"In a minute, I gotta check something for a bet."
"Well just hand the sports down the end."

Pokey sat there and lightly snored.
George mumbled, "Anyone know what time is it?"
Pokey blinked and said."I'm bored."
Charlie wiggled around a little bit.

Jack started to laugh uproariously.
"I just knew that I would win!"
"And here it IS! " shaking the paper deleriously.
Pointing to page the obits were in.

"What did you win, you crazy old loon?"
Pokey leaned over to look at the page,
'Patsy Lee Filbert, has died too soon.
She was 84, but young for her age.'

"My ex-wife was older than me but she always took off 5 years.
We made a bet about that a long time ago."
Jack was still hooting and snorting through tears.
"How you gonna collect that one, I'd like to know?"

"Charlie, it was sort of a gentlemen's bet.
But I always knew I was right.
She'd get so mad she'd throw dishes, busted up a set.
She threw me out on the porch one night!"

George looked around and said, "The bus is running late."
They all turned and stared strangely at him...
Pokey said, "The bus ain't run here since 1968,
I think you might be getting a little dim!"

The old guys sat on the bench right in front of the store.
Thinking different thoughts on the way things went.
Charlie got up saying, "I ain't gonna sit here any more.
Anyways, my money's already spent."

Tomorrow they'd be back at the the same spot,
Where the bus no longer stopped.
The only place they all still got,
Until the day they dropped.


Relish “Passing the Time” Moment by Precious Moment
Through the Seasons!

By Evelyn (

‘neath indigo skies
crystal sounds of icy winds
thrill me to the bone

linen-white winter
diamonds sparkle on my lawn
just before sundown

i’m in reverie
stroking stitches of old quilts
my past in patchwork

an intense full moon
hanging above the shadows
where a robin nests

inside a greenhouse
warm musty smell of summer
waiting to happen

in the buttercup
there is a hunger for spring
a yearning for God

i picked nasturtiums
much too beautiful to eat–
but my mouth watered!

day meets night at twilight time
peace spreads o’er the land

bright and lyrical
daisy, expression of love,
speaks all dialects

barefoot on the beach
my toes squeal in wonderment
kicking the tide’s foam

in a wistful light
scent of incense enfolds me
in an ancient church

my cardinal sings
i awaken each morning
to his melody

my woodpecker taps
keeping the ravine in tune
clinging upside-down

reading the clouds i spy
a tortoise sailing aloft
its pilot, c’est moi!

in morning’s half light
not quite daylight, not quite dawn
i stretch and i yawn

woven in the night
a blind with steel’s tensile strength
spider rests and waits

in tranquil silence
i give myself back to me
and i celebrate

monarch butterfly
bows his head, blesses his meal
of purple nectar

soon the trees will sleep
branch by branch they relinquish
their harvest of gold

mistletoe boughs
inscrutable parasite

learning to pass time
is the essence of life
learning keeps me young!





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