Washing dishes or peeling onions
Can you see Mom standing there
Wearing her hand sewn dish towel apron
Touches of flour in her hair

Can you smell the pumpkin pie she made
Turkey roasting in oven
Hear the chatter all around the room
Family gathered in lovin

Thanksgiving past racing in your thoughts
Memories of years gone by
Mashed potatoes and hot white gravy
Aroma of mincemeat pie

Aunty slicing the home baked bread
Cousins outside playing ball
Salads of all types set on table
Someone knitting a new shawl

Do you remember Thanksgiving feast
Fully sated wanting more
The oven helping to warm the house
Jacks being played on the floor

Can you see the cookies on counter
Sneaking one or maybe two
These memories do dance through my head
I wonder does it for you

By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)



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