I plant and mulch and water
Each Spring from dusk to dawn
Flowers are my passion
Not so, my fast growing lawn

I love to mix the colors
Red, orange, yellow, blue
Every color is welcome
No matter what the hue

I notice that this evening
Colors bright to blind the eye
Have faded and look weary
As does the color of the sky

Fall takes some of the edge off
I'm sure it's making things subdued
In preparation for the big show
When the trees are brightly hued

Each season has its beauty
When roses cease to bloom
Nature is doing housekeeping
And only making room

Soon we will be raking
Raindrops will leave a chill
Goblins will be calling
Yellow buses will climb the hill

Everything has its season
It's the same with human kind
Just go along from year to year
It's easier, you will find

By Joy (JOY3032@aol.com)




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