November Is For The Vote

By Phyllis Ann (

November is for the vote,
And I would like to hide the remote.

Mud slinging on every ad,
They want us to see the ugly and the bad.

The issues are life threatening and real to the core,
But accusations seem to be the only important score.

Immaturity abounds on every TV screen,
And I'm sick of it to the point of not being seen - at the polls I mean.

The nation is going to h--- in a hand basket,
And they are playing a "tisket-a-tasket".

I'm tired of making the enemy rich at our expense.
About nuclear problems, I'm growing tense.

Big business is out of control.
They have no qualms, they have no soul.

It's time for a change before it's too late.
Let's focus on the real issues and not someone's mate.

November is for elections and the vote.
Please give me a break, or I'll hide the remote.

Hello November

By Frannie (

I viewed the Novembers of my past as being dismal--everything brown, everything dying, everything cold and wet, with the promise of worse to come in December.

I have since changed my outlook. I am inhaling the heady aroma of burning leaves, exulting in the brilliance of bright orange, red and gold flowers and leaves, and enjoying the fireplace on crisp evenings.

I have brought my outdoor potted plants inside and the house looks cozy with greenery stashed in every nook and cranny. A huge broad-leafed potted evergreen is sitting in the jacuzzi tub, its leaves bending toward the large sunny window. After a hot shower, the bathroom has the feeling of a tropical rain forest. The kitchen smells of cinnamon-laced baking apples and hearty beef stew.

I love November.

Hello November

By Norma (

It was on Thanksgiving Day that year when I was changed forever - turned around, mind-altered, yes changed forever. It was the month of my firstborn! And what a fall it was that year. The colors were flaming and the weather was gorgeous. A spinning wonderland. I fell in love with a little smile on a rolling gurney.

And when this boy was a little boy, he announced he wanted his birthday to be Thanksgiving Day. So it is tradition with us to have birthday cake and presents with our pumpkin pie and coffee. We used to have Norman Rockwell Thanksgivings, but these days sometimes it's Boston Market, and we're always unsettled about who's going to be here.

This year we have little fall yet except the weather has cooled down considerably. They were forecasting 84 today, and I suppose it got that high, but it's about 65 now. The leaves on the small Japanese maples around our church are a gorgeous red, and other leaves are turning a little, but are falling dry and green. We haven't had enough rain and when that happens the leaves don't stay on to color very long. I've bought my first little Christmas gifts, made balls and ornaments and finished painting Christmas cards.

Think of me in the morning - a tooth extraction - sedated with IV, ekg, no breakfast, etc. I don't know why my dentist wouldn't do this one by just deadening and pulling like he has before. But it's got to be done, I guess.

Hello November

By Sharon (

1. Husband is hot, ...wife is cold
2. No breakfast on patio to eat while enjoying lake view.
3. Stores toting Christmas. Driving us all mad with Christmas music.
4. Everyone asks if Christmas shopping is done. We don't give gifts at
Christmas so yes it is done. 5. City is filling up with old coots. The people kind and the water bird kind.
6. Birds of all types think we are their restaurant and congregate in yard.
7. Grandchildren already asking if they can come for their winter break in Dec.
8. Husband hot, wife is cold. I need summer.

Hello November

By Swampetta (

November is very sneaky. It takes a while after Halloween to realize that November is already in place. After all, you're still munching on "Fun Size" Snickers and looking at the pumpkin on the porch slowly decomposing when it hits you that you have to start thinking about Thanksgiving!

Mother Nature is getting out her own personal leaf blower. You have noticed that the sunlight coming through previously shaded windows is a bit stronger now. Leaves are blowing around but there are still a few left on the trees.

Until the morning you wake up to the sunlight blasting through the bedroom window baking your face! Last time that happened it was due to lack of leaves. The wind came up last night and WWWHHHOOOSSSSHHHHHHH!

November has you thinking about your winter gear. Should you try to get yet another year out of that coat? You could mend the pocket where you ripped it out with carrying a bunch of sharp edged stuff that had no business in your pocket but there was no room in your purse. Your winter boots are truly disgusting! They leak and look like you used them to march through a field littered with cow patties.

They did cost a pretty penny 12 yrs ago. They would cost a lot more now. Last year you put plastic bags over your thermal socks before you put the boots on. Seemed to work. Plastic bags are cheaper than new boots. Next year you'll buy new boots. (Yes,,,you did say that last year.)

Every now and then November gives you a nice warm day. Not a lot of them but they seem to come just at the time you are thinking about putting the storm windows in. You tell yourself it's too early. The next day there is snow on the inside sill. Ever try to put storm window in when there is a coating of ice on the frame?

Mother Nature uses November like a bowling ball. Not always a strike or a spare...sometimes a gutter ball. Haven't there been Thanksgiving dinners where the kids went out to play in the yard after eating? They even threw their jackets off to play tag. By the time you called them in for dessert,,they were frostbit!

Yes,,November is a sneak! But then is April!

Hello November

By Tom (

Hello November, how are you,
dang if it has not been a few
since the last time we met,
have you found or adopted a new pet?

Hello November will snow you bring,
cover the brown and spice up the view?
Will you a big blizzard us send,
or will you let us bask in the sun?

Hello November, glad you could come,
for lots of remembrances you do bring.
going back and covering
quite a span.

Remember the time you kept it warm,
and the time a blizzard we had?
Or the time I broke my leg
as I swung on the garden gate?

Hello November, welcome to you,
but all the turkeys are heading for the hills.
Do your thing give us change
and let us your month enjoy.

Remembering Earlier Novembers

By Tom (

One day last week I was working in the field putting mulch around all of the trees. All at once I stopped, looked about and smiled. It was a nice fall day; it reminded me of living in Virginia and those fall days. It was not hot, it was not cold; the sun was not bright nor was it too overcast. It so much reminded me of falls back there and falls back then.

Oh we had large maples and the raking of the leaves was a major task and continued for a month or two. They were raked and slowly rolled and raked to the garden slot on the East side of the lot where they were piled high and then burned on a couple Saturdays.

Fall is such a neat time of the year; characterized by warm days and cool nights. Those hot summer days give way to warm fall days, although the temperature may be the same; you look at it and sense it differently. Same thing applies to the nights, not the cold and penetrating coldness of winter, but just a nip in the air that makes us smile as we reach for a light jacket.

As a boy we looked forward to the first frost for then the persimmons would be ripe and not treat you as if you had alum powder. Possum hunting was great and chink a pens burrs would pop open allowing us to eat that delicious little kernels.

It was the time of year to spend every weekend in the woods hoping to shoot a wild turkey. No one around where I lived ever got one, but oh did we hunt, hunt and hunt some more. It was our dream to kill a wild turkey and be like the Pilgrims, roast it and have everyone over for a turkey bird dinner.

But fall meant the apples were getting ripe and I could come home from school, climb an apple tree and pick the one I wanted. And if I did not like that one, I could climb another tree and have a different kind of one.

Yes fall was great as it is now over a half century later. Fall time means slowing down, doing a lot of looking and winterizing everything as the summer green turns to autumn brown and then winter barren. So I hope all of you enjoy fall in your and its own way wherever you live.





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