I have a little treasure chest
Full of riches yet untold
Perhaps for you the lid I'll open
My dear may see what it holds

First there are my mother's kisses
And her tender loving smile
Then there is my daddy's kindness
That makes this life worthwhile

Then there is sweet, warm friendship
Of my friends and loved ones dear
Yes there are a million smiles
That fill this lonely heart with cheer

Then, there comes a lovely vision
Of a home beyond the sky
And the voices of my dear loved ones
In one joyous welcoming cry

Then before I near the bottom
Of my treasure chest of gold
There I see two loving neighbors
Always young, and never old

She with face so sweet, if wrinkled
He with shining silver hair
And I know when I reach Heaven
They will welcome me over there

Oh, the're joys and sweetest blessings
In my treasure chest I see
And I know as God's my banker
He will keep them safe for me

By Frannie Stoddard (Frannie Stoddard@aol.com)



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