There was a time when "Queen-Sized" meant
A very powerful woman was in charge.
She had skirts the size of a tent,
From the rear she looked like a barge.

Only the poorest ones were emaciated.
Rich people were rounded and plump.
Never looked like a famine had devastated,
Plenty of curves and the occasional bump.

Rubens and Titian painted them nude,
In all of their cellulite glory.
Nowadays, they'd be considered crude.
It's a whole different skinny story.

Paris Hilton has two protuberant bumps.
Neither is on her bony chest though.
If they are, they're silicone lumps.
Her only bumps are her eyeballs, you know.

Anorexia and Bulimia are well known diseases
That actresses seem to invite.
They think it's their skeleton that pleases
How warm are they keeping at night?

Fashion has cycles, of that we are sure.
I'm waiting for fat and sassy to come back.
I don't want to be skinny or be demure,
Nor buy my dresses off the size 3 rack.

My bras are not padded, they just contain me.
My girdles are all larger in size..
But I am as perfect as I can be.
My biggest bumps aren't my EYES!

By Swampetta (





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