My favorite puzzle in the whole world
Was a lonely old man name of John
He was someone most people thought was weird
and they called an "old curmudgeon"

He went about town talking under his breath
And no one knew what he said
But he wasn't ragged, nor was he poor
Didn't use a park bench for a bed

He growled and he mumbled "I'm feeling alright"
When someone asked, "How're you feeling today?"
But you know "old curmudgeon" was just putting on
an act meant to keep you away

Now everyone wondered about old John's past
Imagination bred many a story
But he never offered a hint or a clue
to his life, present, future or history

He'd sit on his porch and raise his hand
in greeting to those who walked by
And some of them wondered "what thoughts does he think?"
as he sits watching Father Time fly

One day all his doors and windows were closed
The rocking chair empty, forlorn
Everyone who walked past missed his upraised hand
The curmudgeon we all knew was gone

We never found out what roads he had walked
or if there were kids or a wife
But some of the folks who took the time to ponder
his passing, knew they'd lost a small piece of life.

By susi Taylor (



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