There’s a new Thanksgiving, have you heard?
I saw it on TV, and it’s quite absurd.

The turkey will be served down at the mission from a trunk.
All the jobs are overseas, who would have “thunk“?

The department stores are full of Chinese trash.
Down at the park, a drug deal went down for lots of cash.

China’s reserve hit a trillion dollars the other day.
Uncle Sam’s reserve is in the toilet, or so they say.

No more frost on the window panes; it’s a thing of the past.
Who would have thought that global warming would really last?

Aunt Becky will not be baking pies;
She’s back in rehab, can you hear her childrens’ cries?

Uncle Tim is absent as well.
He’s in jail for running a meth lab, and ‘ain’t that swell.

Little Tommy set fire to his school.
Him and his buddies thought the flames were really cool.

Grandma’s house is dark this year.
She was killed by a hit and run driver, they fear.

The media reports there’s a new Thanksgiving this year.
Not to worry; you can still have a hot dog and a beer.

Phyllis Ann (




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