Many years ago as a tiny girl
I knelt beside my bed, with Gram next to me.
She would lead our prayers
My part was to ask God's blessings.

I would bless all the family by name
The hunting dogs and Blackie the cat.
The students and teachers at the school
My aunts and uncles and second cousins too.

We always thanked Him for Jesus and our lives.
Also for the love we had inside that would flow
Flow about and get on to others
Love will flow I know because it did from Gram.

Granddad was special too, usually quiet and stern.
I used him as a model when i wanted my sons to be a man.
Perhaps he was a bit too stern but he didn't have a dad.
Gram was mom and grandma to me, a blessing she was.

Now when I look up I think I feel her looking at me.
Now that I am a grandma I know how she felt.
How she took the wild flowers from my hand and put them in a vase.
How she whispered hush, so no one but us could hear.

Now i kiss a grand and say hush I love you and all will be better.
From the seven year old to the six week old.
A loving hug and sweet words whispered in love
Hush now Precious it is ok, I will take care of it.

By Brier (






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