Please come to a family reunion this year
The folks invited are listed here
This reunion is called , "A CHRISTMAS CAPER"
And it's being held right on this paper

There's Grandma Taylor and Ethelene
Bob & Gladys and Norma Jean
Ted & Beth, Glen and Mary Who
Earle & Fran are coming too

Now for the grandkids, young and grown
Those who've stayed and those who've flown
There's Carol & Larry, and Jaime Dawn
Jimmy and Marlo all grown and gone

John, Jeannie, Jenean, Jeff and Jay
Kevin & Dana, Tony and Kay
Bob & Cyndee, Dale, Chris, Kim and Carrie
We wish them all a Christmas merry

And fa la la to Saginaw where lives
Jeanette and the younger Becks
and especially to Patti Lynn who has her
very own halls to deck

There Scott & Laura, Nathan and "Andy"
Ginny & Gene, Bobbie and Randy
Aubrey, Ashley, and Jennie Sue
And Nancy & Gerry Robnolte too

These folks make reunions lots of fun
But wait! There's more! I'm still not done!
There's Julie & Darwin, and Melissa Leigh
Oooops, and there's another one on the way

Oh, here comes Dylan, Tricia and Kris
A great addition to a party like this
Now a rum pa pum pum from a little boy drummer
For the families of Mark and Peter Lee Plummer

Hey, let's not forget Shirley and Jim
And the twenty-six who belong to them
And there's one more I must confess to ya
Her name is Jessie but I call her "Jessica"

In Raytown, Missouri there's Thelma & Jim
Now what's a reunion without her and him?
And down in Aurora there's more of the clan
Frances, Art, Frankie, and Eleanor Ann

There are others who are not here
But in our hearts we keep them near
Grandpa Taylor, an angel who's singing
Rita, an angel whose laughter is ringing

Jake, an angel with a Georgia drawl
Dorotha Lee, an angel who loves us all
And a couple of bald, angelic rascals
Uncle Charlie Talmadge and Uncle George Gaskill

This invitation is a first edition
To initiate a family tradition
I hope I didn't leave out a name
Oh!, I'm so glad that you all came!!

December 1990

By susi Taylor (











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